Street Lights

Currently, street lights with ballast/driver system will burn out at the rate of max. two years. Our technology is proficient without the usage of a ballast/driver; providing our clients with a 13 year lifespan.

70% Energy Saving

3 Times Brighter

Maintenece Free

Ballast Free


Cutting Edge Technology 

By far the biggest difference between ACDOB LED street lights and every other LED street light is we DO NOT use a ballast or SMPS driver. Using cutting edge technology ACDOB LED uses AC current direct on board to our LED light fixtures. We have revolutionized the industrial LED lighting system by being able to be the first to bypass the use of a ballast or SMPS. As a result of this major achievement we are able to produce our LED street lights that are:

Optical Lens and NANO Technology

Using optical lens technology combined with NANO technology our street lights are able to project the light to exactly where it is desired for maximum illumination. As a result there is less waste of the light placement which maximizes the light efficiency. Producing 120 lumens per watt. Which is unheard off in the LED lighting industry. Also our special Polycarbon lens are able to withstand high impact without causing damage to it. These lens are almost indestructible.Making our street light more durable over others.

Low or No maintenance

Because our LED street lights do not use a ballast or SMPS driver it makes the light fixture almost maintenance free. The majority of LED street lights carry one or two ballast drivers. The life of the street light is contingent on the ballast. Most of the time the ballast burns out between one to two years. Causing your maintenance to go up. Even though you will get a free replacement under your warranty you will incur the labor cost. Our LED street lights are different. There is no ballast to get damage. So there is no additional labor cost in maintenance. Our LED street lights are basically worry FREE.

SMART Technology

Our Smart LED street lights is basically a computer on board. We are able to program the street light to dim down after peak hours of usage. This feature results in even more savings on your energy consumption.